I am a co-convener of THATCamp Music Library Association 2015 with Anna Kijas of the University of Connecticut. THATCamp MLA will take place on March 1, 2015 at the University of Denver, following MLA’s annual meeting. I serve as the webmaster, designer and administrator of the unconference website.

Since the THATCamp WordPress multisite installation is undergoing a period of technical difficulty, I moved the hosting of the site from the thatcamp.org server to my shared hosting. As the web administrator cum designer, it was a logical extension of my duties to design the tee shirt as well, which required a crash course in Adobe Illustrator. I was a bit hesitant to propose the retro styling of the turntable and mouse, but it seemed to represent adequately the marriage of analog and digital in a way that would resonate with a bunch of music librarians and archivists. And the volunteer committee liked it best of my designs.


My work on this unconference also included volunteer organizing, budgeting, and outreach. Additionally, I remotely led a workshop on geocoding and mapping using CartoDB.