Peter Still Papers
A Documentary Edition

This documentary edition of the Peter Still Papers (1850-1875) is a lightly edited reconstruction of a manuscript collection held in Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives. These letters chronicle the efforts of Peter Still (b. 1801), an African American and former slave, to purchase the freedom of his wife and family. Still was born to enslaved parents on the plantation of Saunders Griffin on the Eastern coast of Maryland. At nearly 50 years of age, he secured enough money to buy his own freedom, when he began a quest to free his wife Lavinia (Vina) and their children, as well as find his mother, brothers, and sisters.


Francesca Giannetti, Project Manager
Michelle Hwang, Aresty Research Assistant (2016-17)
Zachary Sinkiewicz, Aresty Research Assistant (2015-16)


Al King
Caryn Radick
Jeffery Triggs