his post is a partial replication of a workshop I recently led at the Music Library Association Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. The data and slides can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/musiclib2016. The slides had originally been created as a reveal.js presentation, which is available here. Although I haven’t yet had a chance to apply a spatial […]Continue Reading


I’m posting below the remarks from my part of a presentation given together with Anna Kijas, Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian (Boston College Libraries), at the joint International Association of Music Libraries/International Musicological Society Congress in New York, held June 21-26, 2015. Her talk and slides are available here. In our presentation, entitled “Digital Madeleines and […]Continue Reading


Note added March 3, 2015 – Beth Plale of Indiana University kindly offered me the following corrections on my account of the Data Capsule. The Data API is in fact only available in Secure Mode. I think in my struggle to learn how to use the Data Capsule, it got a bit muddled in my […]Continue Reading


This laboratory is intended for the students enrolled in Dr. Andrea Baldi’s Italian 368 course, Walking in the Metropolis. We will work with a data set of the locations mentioned twice or more in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady.1 The plan is to geocode these locations, which is to say we’ll assign longitude and […]Continue Reading


This laboratory is intended for the students enrolled in Dr. Andrea Baldi’s Italian 368 course, Walking in the Metropolis. We’re going to work through three research questions as a way to familiarize ourselves with the resources of the Rutgers University Libraries, as well as a few other major digital libraries and catalogs. Along the way, we’ll also […]Continue Reading


re it all exit my head with the return to normal life, I want to shore up my learning from the Digital Humanities 2014 conference in Lausanne by sharing a few notes. Maybe it goes without saying that the conference was a varied and beautifully organized intellectual feast, for which I am already nostalgic. The feasting was at […]Continue Reading


spent a fantastic three days last week at the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting in Boston. This conference was unique in my experience in that attendees are international (mostly from the US and the UK, but also from China, India, the Netherlands, and a smattering of other countries), and they belong to all sectors […]Continue Reading